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Date: Jun 17, 2018 by admin


Book Cover - Rise Up! by Dr. Jim BradleyWho knew karate instructors could have more than one talent?

WSKF Ennis instructor Dr. Jim Bradley recently gave a talk on "goal setting and achieving" at the WSKF Ireland seminar. Using ideas from his recently published book "Rise Up: Revolution you!" he outlined his 6 step guide for personal change.

"Dr. Jim Bradley, is a highly experienced scientist, educator, facilitator and martial artist. On the 6th of April 2016 he faced a challenge – a minor stroke that affected the functioning of his right side – that brought all the skills he had developed into sharp focus. This book outlines the process that he developed and applied to help him to a full recovery. RISE-UP: Revolution You! takes proven tools, techniques and insights from the fields of science, business and martial arts to build a 6-step guide that can help you see opportunities for change, make the choices and take actions to overcome personal challenges and everyday struggles that are blocking you. Each step is simple and direct and can be applied immediately to help move you forward on your change journey. All you need is a pen and notebook, some time and – most importantly – yourself and a desire to make your change."

If you would like to start out on your own journey of personal improvement, you can purchase a copy of his book using the following link:



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