Report from the ONAKAI Junior Kumite Nationals

Date: Nov 01, 2016 by admin

Saturday 22nd October saw WSKF Ireland competitors attend the NGB ONAKAI Junior Kumite Nationals with competitors converging from the corners of Ireland to compete at the championships held at the modern and well equipped facilities of Tallaght Sports Centre.

The day’s proceedings were made possible with the generosity of officials offering their time carrying out various duties including time keeping, table staff, and refereeing all of which under the watchful eye of ONAKAI’s Chief Referee Peter Mooney.

WSKF members competing were Anes Chaal, Ava Clare, Hugh Connolly, Patrick Farrington, Rian Fitzpatrick, David Gannon, Seona Gannon, Conor Griffin, Liam Griffin, Joachim Harband, Simon Honc, Emma Hudecoba, Shauna Kelly, Zoe McDermott, Abbey McDonald, Conor O’Sulivan, Leigh O’Sullivan, Nathan Ryan, Lee Sheridan, Alex Smith, Oisin Tazibte, Dylan Wallace, Leanne Wynne, Adam O’Reilly, Sarah O’Reilly, Rebecca O’Reilly, Abigail Judge, Ethan Keddy, Yasser Labreche, Jake Leavy, Aaron McKillen, Peter O’Carroll, Aidan Quinn, Grace Quinn, Asha Reen, James Renehan, Lola Shortt, Tiernan Simunyu, Rachel Slevin, Michael Trant, Sam Wheeldon, Evans Yeboah, Louis Yeboah, Aiden Hanway, Leigh O’Sullivan, Abbey McDonnell, Rachel Slevin, Dylan Wallace, Sara O’Reilly, Sophie Sheridan.

The medal tallies for the championships were 4 Gold, 7 Silver, and 10 Bronze.

Sensei Perry, Chief Instructor congratulates all those who competed on the day and thanked parents for their attendance and assistance.

There were great performances on the day proving, once again, that WSKF Ireland have a balanced formulae empowering members to perform to their highest abilities.

- Author: Collette McCorry

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