Piltown Competition Results 2014

Date: Mar 02, 2014 by admin

Photo of Lewis Bruton from WSKF Ireland winning silver at PiltownIt was the third competition weekend in a row for the WSKF team but this didn't seem to slow them down as the medal winning juggernaut rolled into Piltown, County Kilkenny. The younger members were particularly 'energised' reaching the venue and only a couple of the travelling adults needed trauma counselling after the coach journey from Dublin.

Team stalwarts Davey Gannon and Peter O'Carroll continued to impress but not to be outdone, team mates Liam Griffin, Sedona Gannon and Rian Fitzpatrick also scored gold in their events. The veterans showed equal determination and sensei Chris Kelly won gold in the Grand Masters kumite event.

Several thanks must be given. Firstly to sensei Byrne and team for their invitation and for a very well run event. Also to Cyril Molloy of Rathfarnham Ford for sponsoring the bus for the competitors who travelled to Piltown.

Full WSKF team results are as follows:

Rian Fitzpatrick Silver Kata
Liam Griffin Gold kata
Lee Kelly Silver kata
Hugh Connolly Silver kata
David Gannon Gold kata
Leon Ward Bronze kata
Sedona Gannon Gold kata
Peter O'Carroll Bronze
Aaron Breen Gold kata
Team kata Bronze
Rian Fitzpatrick Gold kumite
Lewis Bruton Silver kumite
Stephan van Breda Bronze kumite
Aaron Breen Silver kumite
Peter O'Carroll Gold kumite
David Gannon Gold kumite
Liam Griffin Silver kumite
Sedona Gannon Silver kumite
Evans Yeboah Bronze kumite
Niall Ward Gold kata
Chris Kelly Gold kumite
Martin Wheeldon Silver kumite

If we've missed anyone, let us know and don't forget to keep up to date on all upcoming competitions from our WSKF Ireland calendar.

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