ONAKAI Junior National Kumite Championships 2015

Date: Oct 17, 2015 by admin

Venue : Tallaght Leisure Centre, Tallaght, Dublin

Date: Saturday, October 17th, 9:30am

Cost: €10

The number of entries received will dictate the structure of categories. The age entered for each competitor will be their age on the day of the event. All competitors must provide weight in kg.

Notes to instructors

* Please complete the entry form in full. (Name, age, gender, DOB, weight in kg).

* Shin / instep protection are strictly compulsory

* All clubs / associations are obliged to provide a minimum of one Official.

* Running order will be: Youngest first, working up to Cadets (14/15) and Juniors (16/17)

* Only those clubs who have submitted membership lists for registration are eligible to enter this event.

All completed entry forms must be returned to Martin Clynch at clynch.m@gmail.com no later than Saturday 10th October.

You can download the entry form here.

More details will be posted here when available.

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