Jim Bradley

Jim Bradley holds a 5th dan Black Belt. 57 years of age, he has spent over half his life practicing karate (35 years). The past 21 years he has also served as an instructor at the Ennis Karate Academy.

Jim started karate in October 1984 in the university shotokan karate club in NUI Maynooth . His first karate instructor was Sensei Joe O'Rourke and the club was affiliated to the KUI.  Through the linkage to KUGB, the club often had seminars and gradings by senior KUGB Sensei such as
Sensei Andy Sherry, Sensei Frank Brennan and Sensei Dave Hooper.

Jim graded as Sho-dan in 1998, Ni-dan in 200, San-dan in May 2007, Yon-dan in 2013 and Go-Dan in 2019.  His club affiliated to the WSKF in 2005 and he was graded to Go-dan by Sensei Kasuya in Dublin during the annual seminar in March 2019.


  • 5th Dan WSKF                         
  • Instructor C licence WSKF