• WSKF Karate Demonstration

    Sensei Niamh Hogan (3rd Dan) demonstrates Skotokan karate basics (kihon) including Mae Geri (front snap kick), Oi tsuki (stepping punch), Ura ken (back fist strike) and Yoko geri (side kick).

  • Jamie Reilly (WSKF Ireland) - ONAKAI Nationals - April 2013

    Jamie's semi-final kumite match in the 2013 ONAKAI Nationals

  • Wayne Otto Kumite

    Wayne Otto (O.B.E) is a nine time world champion kumite competitior and frequently gives seminars hosted by WSKF Ireland.

  • Jonathan Mottram Kata

    Sensei Jonathan Mottram (5th Dan), is a frequent visitor to Ireland and has given many kata seminars to WSKF members over the last few years. Here we see him performing Enpi in competition.

  • A Tribute to Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya

    A compilation of clips of WSKF chief instructor Hitoshi Kasuya. Thanks to dynamicshotokan@YouTube for this montage.