Why Join?

Why Karate? - Why WSKF?

It can be difficult for any person to understand the abstract concept behind karate - a martial art in which the body, mind and spirit are simultaneously developed to realise one’s full potential as a human being.

There are many reasons why people become students of karate. Karate’s strenuous physical nature takes students on a journey of empowerment and spiritual growth.  For some, karate becomes a way of life.  The intense state of “being focused” while doing karate yields many benefits: it is physical and energetic, and at the same time, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.

A significantly high number of WSKF students, when they walk through the door of their first karate class, take to the way of that teaching and seem to understand the essence of karate in an intuitive/instinctive way. 

The grading rules adopted by WSKF Ireland are stringent.  All student gradings are conducted by Ireland’s Chief Instructor.  Any student grading for Black Belt levels are conducted in the presence of Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya (WSKF World Chief Instructor) and can comprise, in addition, a panel of international instructors.

Students of WSKF Ireland can be invited to train with the National Squad and the chance of selection for the WSKF Irish Team to compete for Ireland at various International competitions.  

There have been many prestigious International competitions which WSKF students have attended, resulting in numerous titles and medal successes in both individual and team kata (forms) and individual and team kumite (fighting).

Karate, however, can mean much more than winning awards and black belts for students. For some, its practice brings about understanding and wisdom which can be applied to their daily lives.