Our History

History of WSKF Ireland

WSKF (Ireland) was originally part of SIKA (Shotokan Ireland Karate Association).  In 1996, an embryonic WSKF Ireland emerged following a seminar in Dublin given by Alistair Mitchell. Several SIKA instructors interested in joining WSKF travelled to London to train with Sensei Kasuya (WSKF World Chief Instructor) . Further training sessions and meetings were conducted resulting in Sensei Kasuya’s first Irish seminar and gradings taking place in 1997.

Following additional training in Scotland with Sensei Kasuya in 1998, a majority of members voted  to form WSKF Ireland.  Stephen Murray and Brendan Perry were appointed as Senior Instructors.  Brendan was subsequently named Chief Instructor to Ireland in 2000.

In 2010 The World Shotokan Federation chose Brendan Perry to become a member of Shihankai - the Technical Committee of WSKF.  This prestigious appointment is held by just 10 members worldwide.

In 2017 The World Shotokan Federation appointed sensei Mark Sheridan 5th Dan as Chief Instructor to Ireland.

WSKF Ireland continues to be at the forefront of karate in Ireland.  Their Instructors and students feature at the highest levels of Karate both Nationally and Internationally.