Calendar of Events

Date: Feb 19, 2014 by admin

Remember to keep up with coming events on our WSKF Ireland calendar. Both WSKF events and non-WSKF events, competitions, seminars and social events are featured.

22nd February 2014 IKKU Open Competition
2nd March 2014 Piltdown Karate Competition 2014
10th March 2014 Lotto Dutch Open Competition
22nd March 2014 WSKF National Championships 2014
16th April 2014 ONAKAI Senior National Competition
26th April 2014 Scottish International Open Competition
8th May 2014 EKF Seniors Finland
23rd May 2014 Seminar with Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya 2014
10th September 2014 WSKF European Championships
27th September 2014 British International Open
5th November 2014 WKF Senior World Championships

You'll find our full up to date WSKF Ireland calendar here.

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