Seminar WIth Sensei Tomiko Mitsuoka 8th Dan

Date: Nov 18, 2017 by admin

Date: Saturday 18th November 2017

Venue: Tallaght Sports Complex, 98 Castle Lawns, Balrothery, Dublin 24, Ireland

Cost: Seniors €20, Juniors €12

Download flyer here. Download more information here.

Poster for Technical Seminar with Tokiko Mitsuoka

JAPANESE instructor, Sensei Tomiko Mitsuoka is one the highest Japanese women karate instructors in the world, a “World Shotokan Karate-do Federation” WSKF 8th Dan and highest ranking woman in WSKF.

Born in Japan in 1948, she commenced shotokan karate in 1966 aged 18 years old initially for the purpose of self-defence. At that time it was not popular for women to join dojos and studying martial arts. Fortunately, her cousin, a karate instructor, introduced her to sensei Hirano (an original student of Master Funakoshi) and co-founder of the JKA. For that dojo, training comprised about 75% Kihon and 25% Kumite and Kata, was very strict, not much explanation, just following instructions and train very hard.

Moving to England in 1971 to study English she returned to Japan in 1973 and joined Kanazawa Sensei “Yotsuya” Dojo for training under the resident instructor Seto Sensei and Mrs. Kobayashi who was the first JKA kata woman’s champion and Master Kamiyanagi who was the chairman of the dojo.

Sensei Mitsuoka also attended Hoitsugan Dojo where Nakayama and Kanazawa Sensei gathered with many JKA instructors, previously abroad teaching Karate, returned to Japan attending the dojo to train and exchange experiences. It was under Kanazawa Sensei instruction that Sensei Mitsuoka was taught and practiced all the shotokan katas.

After the birth of her first son in 1978, already a 4th Dan, she returned to training. Sensei Kanazawa and his dojo had already left the JKA forming the SKI. Sensei Kasuya was assisting with the training at the honbu dojo and their relationship continued to grow in to a senpei and kohai one. Following discussions in 1990 Kasuya Sensei & Master Kamiyanagi with approximately twenty other Japanese black belts and instructors, including Sensei Mitsuoka, formed the WSKF.

In her competition years Sensei Mitsuoka was very successful in karate competition winning many individual and team events in the JKA, SKI and WSKF. She is known and respected as one of the best Judges and Referees in the WSKF and attends all WSKF world championship where she is one of the chief referees.

Sensei Mitsuoka is a technical advisor member of WSKF Shihan-Kai Japan, she has been living and teaching karate in England since 1994. She is the WSKF England Technical Director and the chief instructor of the Renseikan WSKF dojos in the UK. She travels to other counties to teach and collaborate with other organizations to conduct technical courses.

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